Goals & Objectives

The Parent Service Organization (PSO) is formed to provide the parental support system of Episcopal Day School’s programs and students. Its purpose is to promote the goals of the administration and teachers of the school so that the students’ academic, social and spiritual experiences are enriched.


Every parent at EDS is a PSO member! PSO has a board and grade level representatives. Monthly meetings, held at the South campus conference room on the first Wednesday of each month at 1:30 p.m., are open to everyone. Parents in every grade level are invited to coordinate and help with a special event, according to the schedule below. Contact any board member, or your grade level representative, for more information.

Annual Grade Level Events

Thankful Feast

(Hosted by 8th Grade)

Christmas Lot Party

(Hosted by 1st Grade)

Graduation Reception

(Hosted by 7th Grade)

Father Daughter Ball

Christmas Float in Parade

(Hosted by 5th Grade)

Teacher Appreciation Week

(Hosted by PSO)

Grill on the Hill

(Both Campuses)

Art in the A.M.

2018 – 2019 Board

Kimberly Etscheid
Vice President

Kimberly Etscheid
HGC New Families Representative

Jenn O’hanlon

Megan Frederick

Corrine Jackson
Lower School New Families Representative

Randi Muller
GOTH Chairperson

Middle School New Families Representative
Margaret Browning