Behold, We Will Do Something New

Posted: Aug 05, 2016 - 09:09 AM
Category: Head of School

As we begin our 65th year as Episcopal Day School, my thoughts are drawn to what it specifically means to be an Episcopal School.  As such, we are committed not only to academic excellence, but also to character and spiritual formation.  We guide our students to discover their gifts and talents, to put forth their best effort, to learn from their mistakes, and to care deeply about others.  We give children the opportunity to learn and worship side by side with students of various faiths, where they can seek clarity about their own beliefs and honor the traditions of others.  We provide a nurturing, happy place where children can grow in God’s love.

Students feel at home at Episcopal Day School, and our teachers feel called to be servant leaders.  Parents are active in the life of our school, and their partnership is invaluable.  We are a community that cares deeply about one another, and we work to support one another, all for the greater good of our children.

“Behold, I Will Do Something New” is the 2016-2017 theme for Episcopal Schools across the country, and at Episcopal Day School.  Behold, we will lead our students to new challenges in our new innovation lab, and new Kindergarten classes at the Hilton-Green campus; through our new curriculum plans, new technology, and new facility renovations. Most excitedly, we welcome new students and faculty.  Nurturing the moral base of our students, we will continue to guide them to love learning and to model the respect and trust this world sorely needs, applying today’s innovative educational tools with the traditional values of our Episcopal School culture.

I hope you enjoy visiting the beautiful pages of our new website and learn more about our school.  We invite you to “Like” us on Facebook so you will receive news and updates.  Communication has been a focus in our planning over the last few months, and I look forward to your feedback as you begin to read and learn more about our school.

We are excited about the opportunity to begin a new school year together.  Through our work and through the lives of our students, I pray that our school will always be a light on this hill of downtown Pensacola.

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