Grill On the Hill

10th Annual Grill on the Hill – May 9th, 2020!

We’re sad to cancel the OlymPIG games, but we hope you will join us for a good ol’ fashioned drive-in movie and BBQ dinner!

This contact-free event is completely family friendly. In order to respect social distancing guidelines, guests will pull into a drive-thru to check in and receive their dinners and FM transmitters for sound.

  • We ask that none of our guests leave their cars at anytime. However we do encourage a friendly wave at your neighbors!👋🏼 
  • Beverages will not be served, so plan accordingly. Episcopal Day School does not condone the consumption of alcoholic beverages on the premises.

With these precautions and guidelines in place, we ask you to be certain your families are prepared to remain in their cars for (approx.) 2 full hours. Please know that we understand and respect that everyone’s comfort-level with any type of outing is different. This event is 100% optional, and we encourage all of our families, friends, and patrons to participate in a way that works for best for them at this time

Let the

games begin…