Early Childhood

Early Childhood

Grades PreK2 – 5

In Lower School at Episcopal Day School, students are inspired to stretch towards their greatest potential, begin learning through hands-on participation and collaboration and think critically and creatively. Focusing on cultivating the whole child, our well-qualified teachers have created an intriguing environment where students genuinely love to learn, as they grow into their individual gifts and talents. Furthermore, our School Counselor and Christian Education Teacher partner to provide guidance and social development activities, as well as meaningful service learning experiences.

PreK 2 – 1st Grade, Hilton Green Campus

  • Neighborhood atmosphere on the Hilton-Green campus
  • Center-based play and learning
  • Differentiated activities based on individual needs
  • Integrated Arts and Spanish
  • Formative play and constructive learning opportunities for cognitive and social development
  • Spacious playground and courtyard

The early years in a child’s education are a time to instill a love of learning through play, exploration, problem-solving and skill development. EDS classrooms are inviting and the curriculum is focused on reading and math readiness, art, science and social studies. Our faculty emphasizes social development, task management and creativity. The integrated enrichment programs include music, Spanish, library, movement/physical education, technology and chapel. We are driven by the desire to educate the whole child through a commitment to excellence and support in the classroom, on the playground and beyond.

2nd – 5th Grades, South Campus

  • Engaged in exploratory learning and collaborative groups
  • Critical thinking and creativity encouraged
  • Technology integration
  • Transition into researchers and problem solvers

The Lower School provides engaging and hands-on learning opportunities where students are encouraged to learn through active participation. By providing a nurturing environment for all learning styles, we encourage students to take academic risks. Lower School students transition from beginning readers to researchers and from basic mathematicians to problem-solvers, all while constantly encouraging critical thinking skills and creativity. Students develop the technological ability to use iPads, laptops, video cameras, 3D printers and more as tools for learning, and they apply these skills in their research and productivity.

In Fifth Grade, we prepare students for Middle School with an emphasis on early adolescent needs, instilling independence and encouraging self-reliance. Students engage in an integrated multidisciplinary approach to learning. By weaving together social justice, international literature, contemporary issues, global studies, physical science, economics, mathematics and writing, students gain skills for living and working in a changing global community. Students focus on developing study and organizational skills, time management, decision-making and technology integration. Students are not only prepared, but excited for their next adventure in Middle School.

Learning Environment

  • Passionate, well-qualified teachers
  • Student-centered
  • Accomplishments are celebrated and challenges are supported
  • Academic and social risks encouraged for growth
  • Exploratory learning and collaborative groups
  • Critical thinking skills and creativity encouraged


  • Focus on STEaM initiatives in science, technology, engineering, art and math
  • STEaM lessons are integrated throughout the curriculum in all subject areas
  • Transition from beginning readers to researchers and from basic mathematicians to problem-solvers
  • Technology integrations (using iPads, laptops, video cameras, 3D printers and more)
  • Integrated Arts courses include art, music, Spanish, P.E., Christian education, library and technology classes.


Using formulate data from benchmarks and assessments in Zone of Proximal Development, teachers challenge students to stretch their understanding and skill development. Enhancing literacy, listening and auditory discrimination skills, along with phonics, writing, self-expression, reading fluency and comprehension, our educators lay the foundation for lifelong readers. STEaM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Math) skills are integrated through problem-solving, research and reporting. Our Integrated Arts and Language courses provide instruction in music, drama, art and active movement. Students are also enriched in the areas of Spanish, Christian education, technology, library, P.E. and Wee Worship.


We provide students with clear expectations and the necessary tools to develop resiliency and coping skills, as they seek solutions, manage emotions and better relate to others.

Episcopal Identity

We believe it is important for children to realize that God gave them many gifts and talents, and it is their responsibility to use them to make the world a better place.

Faith & Service

We focus on this through Wee Worship, our weekly chapel service, as well as outreach projects that involve taking care of our gardens and helping others.

Physical Development

We build fine motor skills through activities such as writing, cutting, zipping or buttoning jackets, and drawing or gluing craft projects. We build gross motor skills through physical education classes and playground time, including activities such as running and jumping and throwing or catching a ball.