Clubs & Activities

With the help of our passionate teachers, staff and parent volunteers, Episcopal Day School students are able to participate in a variety of worthwhile clubs, organizations and activities. Offering opportunities for different types of interests, students can choose to join clubs such as the RoboJags, the Running Club, Student Council and Student Ambassadors. Students also participate in Spelling and Geography Bees, the Tropicana Public Speaking Contest, the History Fair, the Science and Engineering showcase, Pensacola’s Math Invitational and the West Florida Literary Association Poetry Contest.

EDS Clubs Robojags

Robojags, for grades 3rd - 8th, inspires future scientists and engineers. Students learn to build and program robots and compete in local competitions.

EDS Clubs Running
Running Club

Promoting active lifestyles, the Running Club, for grades 3rd - 8th, runs a 2-3 mile course through downtown Pensacola.

EDS Clubs Student Council
Student Council

Student Council’s Middle School members act as role models, sponsoring events, volunteering and raising awareness of causes throughout the year.

EDS Clubs Student Ambassadors
Student Ambassadors

Student Ambassadors consist of a select group of 8th grade leaders, who are committed to representing EDS to school guests, visitors, alumni and friends.