Financial Assistance


We understand that many EDS families choose to realign their lifestyles in order to put their child’s educational needs first. Therefore, in the belief that no qualified student should be denied enrollment due to financial restraints, we provide need-based Financial Assistance.

Recipients of Financial Assistance are expected to abide by the same academic and conduct standards of all other EDS students. To remain eligible for Financial Assistance, families must apply annually, and students must continue to demonstrate financial need and maintain good standing in both academics and conduct. Positive and constructive relationships between parents and the school must also exist throughout the year. Applying for Financial Assistance does not affect one’s chances for admission; applicants are accepted without regard to a family’s financial situation and without discrimination on the basis of race, nationality, or ethnic origin.

In order to qualify for Financial Assistance for the next school year, a family must be current with their student account balance throughout the year.

Please note: we do not accept the McKay Scholarship Program or Step Up for Students scholarships.

Waiting List

Usually there are applicants for assistance demonstrating more need than there are funds available. If there is unfunded need, the school will disburse if more funds become available in the year.

  • How are Financial Assistance awards determined?

    Financial assistance awards are based on need demonstrated by modeling the financial information you submit. EDS uses FACTS Grant & Aid, part of the RenWeb/Nelnet/FACTS family of companies, the leading company in educations support.

    Need is determined by taking into account many factors, including income, expenses, assets and liabilities of the student and the parents, as well as the number of children attending tuition-charging schools. College funds and student trust funds are considered assets. Ultimately the formula seeks to determine a family’s discretionary income — the income over which a family has a choice as to how it is spent.

    The Financial Assistance Committee does not consider elective expenses (such as secondary home ownership, club memberships and expensive automobile leases/purchases) when determining eligibility for assistance. Typically awards are a percentage of the demonstrated need. EDS reserves the right to amend awards if new information comes to light at a later date.

  • When are awards considered final?

    Awards are considered final only when all required information is received by FACTS and the Business Office receives the signed Financial Assistance Agreement.

  • Is submitted information confidential?

    Yes. All financial information submitted by parents is held in strictest confidentiality by the Financial Assistance Committee.

For more information about financing an EDS education, please contact our Director of Finance and Operations at 850-434-6474.