We are a student-centered community dedicated to inspiring young minds to love learning and use their gifts and talents to make an exceptional difference in the world. Within an academically challenging and nurturing environment, students grow and evolve into motivated leaders, caring contributors, and creative, critical thinkers. Our team of passionate teachers and faculty is committed to preparing every child to succeed in today’s diverse and global world.

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Episcopal Identity
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21st Century Skills
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Lower School

PreK2 – 5th grade

  • Engaged in exploratory learning and collaborative groups
  • Critical thinking and creativity encouraged
  • Technology integration
  • Transition into researchers and problem-solvers
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Middle School

6th – 8th grade

  • A community of confident, independent learners
  • Rigorous and challenging curriculum
  • 21st Century teaching and learning
  • Critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity fostered
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