Middle School

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Grades 5 – 8

In Middle School at Episcopal Day School, we emphasize the development of 21st Century teaching and learning skills and set out to meaningfully shape students’ emerging strengths, gifts and abilities. Our nurturing and gifted educators individualize their teaching approach, in order to meet the needs of each student. Fostering confident and independent learners in a cooperative environment, the primary skillsets across all Middle School subjects focus on critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity.

Learning Environment

  • Passionate, well-qualified teachers who understand early adolescent development
  • Emphasis on stewardship, service, kindness and respect
  • Student-centered approach to teaching
  • Integrated technology (using iPads,Chromebooks, video cameras, 3D printer, Google Apps for Education, and more)
  • Project-based, hands-on style of learning, engaging students in active learning
  • An emphasis on problem-solving, collaboration, communication, and critical thinking
  • W.E.D.S. — a multimedia production studio
  • Innovation Lab — a space for creative problem solving
  • Advisory program designed to promote social and emotional growth


  • Academic rigor in core subjects: English, social studies, math, physical science and Spanish
  • Enrichment courses: music, art, P.E., Christian education, service learning, research and innovation
  • Elective studies: health and nutrition, Spanish for beginners, Innovation, math lab, online research skills, public speaking, study skills, digital and 2D art, social justice, international literature, contemporary issues, service learning, global studies, economics, writing, coding, Hogwarts at EDS, music and drama, sustainable gardening, debate and more.
  • Actively engaged in accelerated academic instruction
  • Early adolescent education teaching methodology
  • Encourage careful and complex critical thought and the virtues of constructive citizenship